Primal Living

Searching the world of the internet, you will find plenty of definitions for the word “primal”, especially when it comes to food.  When I grab my Webster’s dictionary, that I bought brand new in 1991, dust off the faded red cover, and look up “primal” I don’t find any reference toward food.   It simply says:

“1. Original. Primitive.”

Nothing mind boggling, right?  It is probably what we may think of when we hear the word.  However, it is the second definition that I feel is the basis of this blog and why we chose to use this word “Primal.”

“2.  First in importance. FUNDAMENTAL. (our-concern).”

YES! Now we are getting somewhere!

What is “first in  importance” to us (to you) in our lives?  I am assuming that much of what is important to you is also important to us, such as family, great friends, health, and doing what makes us happy.

But, it is easy to overlook these things in our day to day lives.  We seem to be working toward that time when we may be able to enjoy these things, instead of realizing the moment is NOW. Right now.

We started this blog to go back to the basics as far as food, but it is way more than just about food.  It is about connection. It is about nurturing our mind as well as our body.

What do WE mean by primal living?  Going back to those fundamentals in our every day life.  Our posts will not only be recipes, but also some ideas and thoughts to guide us toward these fundamentals and that which is “first in importance.”   We hope you enjoy.