Quick Grilled Pork Chops

Often (usually mid-week) we find ourselves looking for something quick and simple to put on the grill and have ready to eat in no time.  Another time when this strategy works well is if you are away from home but still need a good main dish to make with limited resources.  This is one of those recipes, based quite simply on grabbing a mix of spices that sound good and rubbing them into a cut of meat before letting it cook over open flame until it’s done. 

Gather Up:

  • 4~6 thick-cut boneless pork loin chops (8~12 oz each)
  • ~1 tsp sea salt
  • ~1 tsp black pepper
  • ~1 tbsp combined mixed other spices (this time around, we’ve got a blend we picked up at Whole Foods consisting of onion, parsley, basil, lemon peel, thyme, garlic, celery seed, and red bell pepper)

Mix the salt, pepper, and combined spices together in a small prep bowl.  Give the chops a good coating of the mixture and rub it into the surface.  Let it stand on the counter while the grill warms to medium-high heat (about 400 degrees).

Grill the chops about 12 minutes per side for chops as thick as these.  Test cut into the thickest one to check the center (if you don’t have your instant read thermometer with you) – they are done just as they are barely pink in the center and still juicy.  Pull off the grill and let “rest” for an additional 10 minutes before serving up with a couple of simple side dishes (a salad and some sweet potato works well).