Cardamom-Clove Pecan Pear Salad

Every once in a while, you stumble across a combination that is not just borders on divine.  Such is the case with the blend of spices that we incorporate into today's salad - cardamom and cloves.  Used in both the honey-candied coating on our pecans and in the zippy rice vinegar and shallot dressing, these two … Continue reading Cardamom-Clove Pecan Pear Salad

Avocado Hummus

Avocado Hummus Recipe Type: Appetizer Author: Purely Primal Prep time: 10 mins Total time: 10 mins Serves: 6 Ingredients 2 ripe avocados, cut in half, pitted, and peeled juice of 1/2 lemon 2~3 cloves garlic, crushed 1-1/2 tbsp tahini (ground roasted sesame seeds) 1-1/2 tbsp olive oil 3/4 tsp sea salt 1/4 tsp ground cumin … Continue reading Avocado Hummus